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If you are considering improving your home driveway, pool deck surface, or property pathways, below are some frequently asked questions, answers, and more detailed information regarding Sierra Stone Vancouver’s products and services.

What Is It?
Sierra Stone is quite simply a decorative stone and epoxy overlay.
While most commonly used on concrete, it may also be used over tile, asphalt, wood or even fiberglass.
Is It Artificial?
No! Sierra Stone is composed of North America’s beautiful natural stone, pebbles, or marble chips.
Why Is It So Strong?
Epoxy is one of the strongest bonding materials created by modern scientific technology.
Is It Stain Resistant?
Sierra Stone resists most salt, oil and gasoline contamination.
Indoor Flooring
Sierra Stone is one of the most durable flooring alternatives available today. lt can be left as a porous floor, in which water appears to disappear and will drain the way it did before the stone was applied. To clean a floor in this state we recommend a carpet cleaner with a low phosphorous detergent for cleaning. Most carpet cleaner solutions are acceptable. The floor also can be sealed. When the floor is sealed it becomes waterproof and has a textured appearance. This flooring is easily maintained using warm water and a damp mop.
The most common usage of Sierra Stone has been in the outdoor application. This has been a widely accepted method of repairing concrete for many years. lt is completely porous and as a result is puddle free right after a rain. This is an excellent alternative to time and concrete which so often is very slippery when wet. When applied around a pool or hot tub area it not only makes the area safer but also greatly enhances the decor.
You can add dimension to your stonework with the use of design. By simply using contrasting combinations of stone you can create logos, numbers, pictures, etc.
Sierra Stone is incredibly durable. The ice, snow, does not affect it or freezes thaw cycles we have in Canada. lt is not recommended that Salt be used to melt snow or ice. This will not harm Sierra Stone, but the salt will cause the concrete to delaminate from the stone and therefore, over a period of time the stone could come away from the concrete surface. This will also do damage to the concrete surface.
The ultra violet rays from the sun affect Epoxy. The amount of traffic over the area covered is also a big factor in the life of the stone. Both of these situations can be resolved with a simple roll coat of epoxy. A fresh coat of epoxy will restore the shine to the stone as well as provide an extra bond to the existing stone. The frequency of this application is entirely dependent upon the usage of the Sierra Stone. Out door applications it is recommended annually to pressure wash the stone area to remove dirt and debris that has accumulated over the winter months.

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Vancouver Epoxy Stone Flooring & Surfaces

Sierra Stone Vancouver provides stunning and ultra durable decorative stone and epoxy overlay surface treatments for both residential and commercial indoor and outdoor property projects.

Epoxy Stone • Decorative Overlay • Natural Filter Stone Aggregate • EnduraFlake


Epoxy stone surfaces are ideal for residential indoor and outdoor surfaces such as stairways, walkways, basements, garages, pools, and driveways.


Epoxy stone surfaces are a low maintenance alternative to concrete for the interior and exterior of industrial, commercial, and retail businesses.

Indoor & Outdoor

Epoxy stone surfaces are most commonly used for outdoor surfaces, but they are also a very durable and waterproof option for interior applications.

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