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Thank you for considering Sierra Stone Vancouver. ln today’s world of advancing technology, we are proud to be leaders in the field of stone and epoxy. By combining stone, (one of the most durable products known today), together with epox.y, we have been able to offer the commercial and residential construction industries an alternative.

lf this product is relatively new to you the following information will assist you in your decision – whether it be repairing old concrete or improving the appearance of the existing cement.

What We Do

Vancouver Epoxy Stone Flooring & Surfaces

Sierra Stone Vancouver provides stunning and ultra durable decorative stone and epoxy overlay surface treatments for both residential and commercial indoor and outdoor property projects.

Epoxy Stone • Decorative Overlay • Natural Filter Stone Aggregate • EnduraFlake


Epoxy stone surfaces are ideal for residential indoor and outdoor surfaces such as stairways, walkways, basements, garages, pools, and driveways.


Epoxy stone surfaces are a low maintenance alternative to concrete for the interior and exterior of industrial, commercial, and retail businesses.

Indoor & Outdoor

Epoxy stone surfaces are most commonly used for outdoor surfaces, but they are also a very durable and waterproof option for interior applications.

Vancouver. Fraser Valley. Lower Mainland. Chilliwack.

Serving Your Local Area

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